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The Most Important Things To Do In Hawthorne, Nevada

Hawthorne is a small town that is located in Mineral County, Nevada. It is a place that has an interesting history. The county seat of Nevada is Hawthorne. It is known as the “Americas Patriot Home”. The summers are hot here and the winters mild. If you are planning to visit Mineral County, then visiting during the autumn months is a good idea. The town still holds on to the original buildings and has some of the best points of interests to tourists. The town also has excellent parks and recreation areas to have a blast with your family.


The following are some of the best things that Hawthorne, Nevada has to offer its tourists and visitors.

Hawthorne Ordnance Museum

To get to know more about the American military, you should definitely visit the Hawthorne Ordnance Museum. This is a locally run museum and has a large collection of the missiles, rockets, bombs, ordnance, and nuclear weapons. These weapons and other items you see at the museum are decommissioned from the military services. Few of the items displayed in this museum dates back to the World War I and World War II era. This is a very good place to visit for anyone interested in the military history.

Walker Lake Golf Course

If you love some outdoor activity on your visit to Mineral County, then trying your hand out at the out of the way Walker Lake Golf course is a good idea. You get great views of the Walker Lake. This 9-hole golf course is open to the public. It also has a clubhouse that houses a small bar. Seeing a huge water body in the middle of a big desert is a sight to behold. You can spot some of the migratory birds and also enjoy many recreational activities like fishing, boating, camping and water skiing in and around the lake.

Hawthorne Speedway Dirt Track

If you love speed and thrills in life, then take a ride on the Hawthorne Speedway dirt track. This is a very good activity for all speeding and racing enthusiasts. The track is a quarter mile clay track and it also has a 1-mile motocross race track. This is where races are held once every ten days. No matter you are a racer or a novice racer, you will find this to be a great place to test your driving skills. You can easily spend one day at the Hawthorne speedway.

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