What To Do When You Are In Mineral County?

The visitors to the Mineral County in Nevada would be thinking that the place will be a full of rocks and minerals. But, Mineral County has plenty of attractions to satisfy the tastes of tourists. It has museums, golf courses, recreation areas, parks, and very good places to eat and drink. Some of the major attractions you should never miss on your visit to Mineral County are given below.

Mineral county museum

The museum is a tourist attraction that you should never miss. Do not go by the name of the museum. It does not have rocks and minerals. This is a museum where you get to see the rich heritage and culture of the region. There is a wide range of antique collections on offer in the Mineral County museum. You get to see mission bells, vintage clothing, Victorian furniture, shoes, hats, etc., of the early 1800s. You will be transported back to the ancient times when you take a look at the artifacts and relics on display at the museum. You will find fossils and wildlife exhibits as well. You can also see some of the attractive minerals and rocks displayed at the museum. This is what Nevada is famous for.

Lake Tahoe

This lake is known as the Jewel of Nevada. You got to see it believe why it is named so. This is an alpine lake that has 22 by 12 miles of water surrounded by 72 miles of shoreline. It is one of the best places to visit during the summer and the winter months. During the summer, the Lake Tahoe turns out to be a water sports paradise. Once winter sets in, then it is a hotspot for all winter sports enthusiasts. This is why we see plenty of tourists visiting this lake on their trip to Mineral County.

Safe haven wildlife sanctuary

This non-profit wildlife sanctuary is spread over 160 acres of land in Imlay in Nevada. This is home to foxes, African lions, bobcats, cougars, tigers, and many more animals. The orphaned, confiscated and injured wild animals are taken care in this sanctuary. They undergo rehab in this facility and then they get released back into the forests.

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